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2011-A Modern Woman Called Ang Tau Mui 一個名叫紅豆妹的摩登師奶 (photo by kok m@n)

A Modern Woman Called Ang Tau Mui 一個名叫紅豆妹的摩登師奶 (2010)

A Modern Woman Called Ang Tau Mui Imagine a space where illusion and reality intertwined. She starts the most imaginary journey in a most common space. She walks on the border of dream and reality, She is lonely. She hears some tunes occasionally, Bringing her back to the most wonderful days of her life. A […]

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2011 - Next Door/Kuala Lumpur (photo by kok m@n)

The Next Door 隔離鄰社。

NEXT DOOR Malaysia + Thai Theatre Artists Collaboration Project / workshop presentation Malaysia and Thailand are neighbors but the middle-class citizens in the cities of both countries know so little of each other especially the contemporary theatre arts scene. Makhampom Theatre Group has been doing theatre for people’s culture development since1980 with strong belief that […]

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Animal Farm 動物農莊

Animal Farm 動物農莊 They are idiots before the revolution; They are still idiots after the revolution The story starts with a suggestion from a well respected elderly pig – “humans exploit us animals, and we animals must initiate revolution” .The animals formed a self-governing farm and renamed it, “Animal Farm”. As time went by, the […]

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Caecar Chong photography

The Lost and The Ecliptic

The Lost and The Ecliptic One morning, he awakes and finds himself transformed into an orchid mantis. He stops at an orchid and pretends to be the orchid. There He remains unseen and undiscriminated. Resting, he is safe, out of human sight. Using the metaphor of a camouflage insect, this performance draws us into the […]

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2009 - TOILET (photo by kok m@n)

Toilet 廁所。

I sleep, I am small My desire is in pain My identity is vague. My soul is bursting I judge myself . I leave you a clue I am not me. I found you The toilet is a space for the excretion of body waste. The ugliest gestures that  person would not be caught doing […]

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2006 - Repot [mind+mine] [思想+自分]報告 (photo by kok m@n)

Repot [Mind+Mine]

repot [mind+mine]  or the languages forest This is a formal yet informal report. Premiered in 2006 at Kuala Lumpur As part of the “Break-ing: Pentas Theatre Collaboration Project” it now continues its international tour to Japan and singapore in 2008 Repot [Mind+Mine] humorously explores the situations and irony in the Malaysian lingo If they could […]

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Play Time 遊戲時間。

Seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years, decades, centuries, light years… Are the three of us Playing the game of time in the matrix of numbers Or playing the game of numbers in the labyrinth of time, Yet, there are just the three of us ………? “In an unknown space where time is ambiguous, live three […]

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