The Lost and The Ecliptic

The Lost and The Ecliptic

One morning, he awakes and finds himself transformed into an orchid mantis. He stops at an orchid and pretends to be the orchid. There He remains unseen and undiscriminated. Resting, he is safe, out of human sight.

Using the metaphor of a camouflage insect, this performance draws us into the anonymous lives and private souls of our city. Your neighbour sings her prayers to her deity. When you hear her, do you pray along? Inside a box, a man dances by himself. When he dances with a girl, are they less alone? Their gates keep them safe inside, safe within these beautiful dreams and disguises.

Won the Best Lighting Design, nominated for Best Director and Best Set Design at The 6th Boh Cameronian Arts Awards

One is gripped with endless fascination.. Kok Man and his team have sketched ourugly, fractured, lovely Kuala Lumpur…~Zedeck Siew, Kakiseni

*Premiere : 4-14 Oct 2007, Pentas 2, Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre
*Re-stage : 22-25 April 2010, Pentas 2, Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre
*Tour : 7&8 May 2010, THE STUDIOS : BELONGING(S) at Esplanade Theatre Studio, Singapore


某一天早上,我一如往常的躺在床上,發現自己成了蘭花螳螂,是一種習慣「擬態」的昆蟲,停在蘭花上,假裝自己是一朵蘭花,不會被看見、不會被 討厭。在每一個停下來歇息的空間中,很安全的,沒有人發現牠。“通過昆蟲偽裝的隱喻,演出以“城市”為出發點,探討了“城市”這麼一個生存空間和劇場的相似性,發掘出城市裏頭人們的追求、孤獨、挫敗、幻想、不安、疑惑等錯綜複雜的情緒。



Production Team 製作群

Director+Lighting Design 導演兼燈光設計:
Loh Kok Man 羅國文

Cast 演員:
Amelia Tan 陳淑真,  Shanthini Venugopal

Cheoreographer & Dancer 編舞+舞者:
Steve Goh 吴振辉 (2007), Ming Low 劉銘 (2010)

Space Design 空间設計:
Caecar Chong 張忠勇

Writer 文字:
Tan Yan Tee 陳燕棣

Video Artist 影像設計:
Au Sow Yee 區琇詒

Music Composer 原創音乐:
Ng Ghor Guan 黃楚原

Production Manager 製作經理:
Au Sow Yee 區琇詒

Chinese Copywriting 中文文案:
Tan Yan Tee 陳燕棣

English Translation 英文文案翻譯:
Au Sow Yee 區琇詒

English Copywriting 英文文案:
Pang Khee Teik (2010)

Publicity 宣传:
Au Sow Yee 區琇詒

Stage Manager 舞監:
Jason Lai 黎百齡 (2007),  Ling Tang 鄧壹齡 (2010)

Set Builder 佈景製作:
Maroon Arts & Design, David Wong 王泰偉