Play Time 遊戲時間。

Seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years, decades, centuries, light years…
Are the three of us
Playing the game of time in the matrix of numbers
Or playing the game of numbers in the labyrinth of time,
Yet, there are just
the three of us ………?

“In an unknown space where time is ambiguous, live three unknown female creatures. The ever drifted time has made them forgotten their identities, who they are, where they are from, and even their very own names. They have inhabited this space for a very long time.

The dullness of their lives has made them bored, hence they are always thinking of all kinds of games to make their lives happier.

Today, they are planning for a game, inviting a public speaker and lots of guests to their space, hoping to express their thoughts and fulfill their dreams among the guests.

However, which is the reality and which is the illusion? No one can tell.”

Won the Best Costume Design, nominated the Best Group Performance, Best Director, Best Music and Sound Design in Theatre at The 4th Annual Boh Cameronian Arts Award


Premiere 首演:
11~14 August 2005 at Pentas 2, Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre

Others 其他記錄:
26~28 June 2009 at New Era College Black Box Theatre (Performed by New Era College students)






Production Team | 製作群

Director+Lighting Design 導演兼燈光設計:
Loh Kok Man 羅國文

Cast 演員:
Gan Hui Yee 顏慧怡
Sui Shiang Chi 水毓棠
Ling Tang 鄧壹齡

Set Design 舞台設計:
Chan Kok Hooi 曾國輝

Music & Sound 音效設計:
Bernard Goh 吳聖雄

Costume & Make Up 造型設計:
Charlie Jong 楊國忠

Executive Producer 執行製作:
Faridah Merican

Production Manager 製作經理:
Jason Lai 黎百齡

Production Coordinator 製作協調:
Amirah Ameer Ali

Graphic Design 平面設計:
Caecar Chong 張忠勇

Copywriting 文案:
Au Sow Yee 區琇詒 

Presents 呈獻單位:
Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre