Clown 小丑。 | Hopeless

Clown | Hopeless

If horse can be described as the spring of the circus, then clown can be known as the oil that make the spring works.

Clown,  the forever loser. He is small, but he is great.

Clown performs the best he can on stage, hoping to be seen one day. After so much training and pain, after so many ages and time waiting, sucess never came.

Disappointment started to show on the clown face, but there is no decadent, no tiredness. He is comforting himself, sucess will come tomorrow, or it will come over one day.

The clown left with smiles on his face, walking on his lonely journey.

The Year In A World

Delusions : Pentas Theatre Collaboration Project 2009

Directed by Loh Kok Man 羅國文
Cast : Low Shee Hoe 劉詩豪, Boyz Chew Soon Heng 周順興

Performance Duration : 15 mins