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Kok Man | 羅國文。

Artistic Director of Pentas Project, KOK MAN, is an established theatre director, actor, lighting designer and theatre lecturer. Graduated from the Malaysian Institute of the Arts in 1993, Kok Man founded Pentas Project in 2005. He was a multiple recipients of Best Director, Best Set Design and Best Lighting Design in The BOH Cameronian Arts Awards in Malaysia. His work usually integrated various theatrical elements such as visual imageries, lighting, sound, physical movement and interactions between dramatic structures of theatre, exploring rich development of space and time in theatre visuals. Kok Man had directed performances such as “aku”, “The Lost and the Ecliptic”, “Repot [Mind+Mine]”, “A Modern Woman Called Ang Tau Mui”, “Animal Farm” etc. In 2005, Kok Man went to New York for six (6) months as he was awarded a fellowship from the “Asian Cultural Council”. He was invited frequently to participate in international theatre collaboration project. He has traveled to Japan, Korea, India, Thailand, Shanghai, Macau, Germany and Singapore sharing his work and interacts with people in these different continents

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Au Sow-Yee | 區琇詒。

Au Sow Yee is an artist from Malaysia currently based in Taipei, Taiwan. Her works span from film and video projection performances, single and multiple channels experimental film/video to multimedia design for contemporary theatre performances. Sow Yee graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute and is currently studying New Media Arts in Taipei National University of the Arts (Taiwan). Her works explore light and projected images as organic elements in space and time as well as breathing new lives to old mechanical devices and treatments in the long history of moving images, exploring and developing a new kind of anthropology for moving images of the future. She was awarded the Krishen Jit Astro Fund for a film performance/installation and was the 2007 Artist in Residence at Taipei Artist Village, Taiwan. Her works and film performances had shown in film festivals and exhibitions in Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Italy, USA. Korea, Macau, Germany etc. Sow Yee was the video/projection designer for various local performances, such as Butterfly Lover(Nyoba Kan), Farewell My Concubine (Lee Wushu Arts), The Lost and the Ecliptic (Pentas Project), A Modern Woman Named Ang Tau Mui (Pentas Project) to name a few. She has also started collaborating recently with Comuna de Pedra from Macau in the 2013 Macau Art Festival and in the process of initiating future projects with theatre company in Taiwan exploring new possibilities of integrating new media into theatre performances.

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Jason Lai | 黎百齡。

Jason Lai brings with him experience in both production-cum-stage management and performing. His recent stage management credits included “Chaos In Unison” in , Adelaide Australia, “Dreams In November”, “Dialogue In Skin” in , Adelaide Australia, “Hands 2: RhapsoDrums” and “Don Quixote and International Ballet Gala 2011”.



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黎百齡擁有舞台監督、製作經理以及演員的舞台經驗。他近期的舞台監督經驗包括了參與澳洲的阿德萊德<第16屆ASSITEJ藝術節>的《鼓瘋》、《夢無界》、參與澳洲的阿德萊德<2010年OzAsia藝術節>的《鼓說》、《二手狂想曲》以及《芭蕾舞劇 – Don Quixote and International Ballet Gala 2011》。

Caecar Chong | 張忠勇。  (1974-2010)

Caecar Chong was born, bred and schooled in Malaysia and then rained as an architect in Australia. His unconventional focus is to experiment on brickwork and steel structures, through different art media and formats. As an associate of Space Spirit Studio, Caecar champions the use of various media across art disciplines as diverse as the visual arts, performing arts, photography and others to express the spirit of space. This grants a new lease of life to the classic ideological maxim that architecture is more than just about buildings.

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畢業於西澳Curtin University建築系。學的是建築,用的卻不是石磚木鋼,而是應用多層次的「空間」意涵去建築人的心靈。張忠勇是空靈工作室的創辦人,致力於打破社會對於建築的刻板界定,喚醒人們去探索空間的可能性。近幾年來,他活躍於各藝術領域,其中包括攝影、寫作、舞蹈、舞臺設計、裝置藝術、行為藝術等,他把他特有的空間哲學及理念,延伸至表演藝術以及視覺藝術。由此,從他的身上可以更清楚的看見藝術本質上的貫通性。

Tan Yan Tee(Mato Tytee)|

Yan Tee is a MFA holder of National Taipei University of the Arts (TNUA) and is currently a features reporter in local media. She has been the editor for the magazine “XFUNS” and the research assistant for the film graduate school in TNUA. She is a poet and writes prose and novels occasionally. Yan Tee is the winner of the 9th “Hua Zhong” Literature Award in poetry, one of the most prestigious Chinese literature awards in Malaysia. Yan Tee has published her first poem collection on 2010.

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畢業於國立臺北藝術大學劇本創作研究所,目前為媒體人。曾任藝術設計雜誌編輯、新聞局紀錄片數位影音計劃專案助理、電視劇編劇等工作。創作形式涵蓋劇本、詩、小說、散文等。曾獲「第九屆花蹤文學獎」新詩首獎,詩作品收錄於《有本詩集:22詩人自選》、《壹詩歌》等選輯,曾參與的劇場作品包括《城失空想》、《動物農莊》、《[思想+自分] 報告》等。2010出版個人詩集《無法並列的幽靈局部》。

Gan Hui Yee | 顏果。

One of the members of Pentas Project, Gan graduated from the Malaysia Institute of Arts (MIA), majoring in Performing Arts. She has been actively involved in television and stage performances. Her stage credits include Untitled, Remembering Leslie and Anita, Rashomon, Ubu Roi, Play Time and Hansel and Gretel. She had also appeared in several television series and independent lms such as Homecoming, Love Conquers All and Before We Fall in Love Again.


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畢業於馬來西亞藝術學院戲劇系。活躍於劇場、電視及獨立電影,涉入專業涵蓋台前演出或幕後製作。2003年榮獲戲炬獎「十大幕後精英」。她曾與多次和多個本地著名劇團和製作公司合作,演出作品包括《aku II : ang tau mui》、《無題:一個沒有名字的演出》、《羅生門》、《遊戲時間》及兒童劇《糖果屋歷險記》等;參演的影視作品有《己子當歸》、《Love Conquers All》、《相聚一刻》等。

Ling Tang | 鄧壹齡。

Graduated from the Central Academy of Drama (Beijing, China), Ling Tang is a part time lecturer in New Era College Drama and Visuals Department. She is a writer, director and performer. Besides actively involved in theatre performances, she also writes for local television series. Ling Tang was 2 times winners of the 10 Most Prominent Theatre Eslite in the ADA Drama Awards. She had directed works such as Chop!Take a Break series, Illusion, Bed Time Story, Taming of the Shrew, Hansel & Gretel etc. She had also performed in Ping Feng (Kunsten Festival des arts, Brighton international arts festival), Stupid Ball, Remembering Leslie and Anita, Chup!Take a Break series and Play Time etc.

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畢業於北京中央戲劇學院96级導演系。2001年返馬開始創作自己的劇團,致力于推動本地劇場的發展,除了編、導、演外,更積極舉辦並參與本地戲劇活動。2006開始擔任新紀元學院戲劇影像系兼職講師。近年也參與了不少本地中文電視劇的編劇及演員工作。此外,也參與了不少獨立電影與短片的演出。所編導與演出的多部作品均多次提名不同獎項。曾到韓國、比利時、英國參加藝術節的演出。2010年加入平台計劃,同年,遠赴法國巴黎跟随Philippe Gaulier 學習。

Moo Siew Keh | 巫紹棋。

Graduated from Japan Academy of Visuals Art majoring in script writing and short term script writing course in New York University, Moo is now a full time script writer for television series and a part time lecturer in New Era College Drama and Visuals Department. He had written televisions or broadcast series such as LOCK, Midnight Voices and many others. He had also been involved in theatre performances such as A Streetcar Named Desire, Repot [Mind+Mine] and was the judge for BOH Cameronian Arts Awards and ADA Drama Awards.

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畢業於日本映畫學校編劇系、美國紐約大學編劇系短期課程,目前為專職電視劇編劇、新紀元戲劇與影像系兼任講師。參與編劇的電視/廣播作品包括:《LOCK陳禎祿傳》、《男人當家》、《愛在你左右》和《Midnight voices》」等。除外,也曾多次參與劇場演出,包括《慾望街車》、《[思想+自分]報告》等,曾任金馬崙戲劇大獎、戲炬獎評審。

Terence Chong | 張俊開。

Terence Chong has graduate from Ocean Audio Technology Institute.In the past few years, He work as a full time sound engineering and sound designer in theater and musical show. Terence also work as a music composer in , and some movies production. Currently he work as a bassoonist in RTM Orchestra and MPYO (Malaysia Philharmonic Youth Orchestra).



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畢業於Ocean Audio Technology Institute。畢業後,他在劇場和音樂劇裡擔任音響工程師和音響設計師的工作。除此之外,張俊開也是一位音樂作曲家,曾擔任《動物農莊》和一些馬來西亞本土電影的音樂製作。目前在國營電台管弦樂團RTM Orchestra 和馬來西亞青年愛樂管絃樂團MPYO (Malaysia Philharmonic Youth Orchestra)擔任巴松管演奏。

Alison Khor | 艾力森。

Born in Taiping (Perak),Malaysia, Alison Khor used to be a part time singer and production assistant of television station. Graduated from New Era College Drama and Visuals Department in 2010, she is now a member of Pentas Project. Her first experimental video 24/7 was screened in numerous experimental film festivals in Malaysia,Indonesia,Taipei,Japan and Korea. Alison Khor is also currently a member of JacAl Map, an experimental music duo.


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出生於霹靂州太平。曾擔任兼職歌手及電視台製作助理,2010年畢業於新紀元學院戲劇與影像系,同年加入平台計劃成為該劇團成員。平日積極在聲音與影像上創作,影像處女作《24/7》曾於馬來西亞、印尼、台北、日本、韓國等實驗電影節播放,目前為實驗音樂團體JacAl Map加卡地圖成員,於各地展開跨領域表演。