A Modern Woman Called Ang Tau Mui

A Modern Woman Called Ang Tau Mui

In Cantonese with English surtitles


People say life is like a dream,
She says a dream is like life,
There is joy and celebration,
There is sorrow and grief,
When awaken from a dream, she has come to the end of life…

編劇 Playwright:Leow Puay Tin 廖培珍
導演 Director : Loh Kok Man 羅國文
製作人Producer : Pam Lim, See Soon Eng 林偉彬、施順榮
演員 Cast:Tammi Tam, Thian Siew Kim 譚小虹、鄧綉金
影像設計 Video Artist : Fairuz Sulaiman
音樂設計 Music Composer : Terence Chong 張俊開
服装設計 Costume Designer : Michell Yong 楊淑棻
燈光設計 Lighting Designer : Loh Kok Man 羅國文

《跨代經典再現   雙旦輪番登場》

Cast A   譚小虹 Tammi Tam

25 July 2018 @ 8:30pm
27 July 2018 @ 8:30pm
28 July 2018 @ 3:00pm

Cast B   鄧綉金 Thian Siew Kim

26 July 2018 @ 8:30pm
28 July 2018 @ 8:30pm
29 July 2018 @ 3:00pm

地點 Venue:聲活小戲場 The Play Haus @ Pearl Shopping Gallery, Jalan Klang Lama
票價 Ticket : (Adult 成人) RM68, (Senior/Student/Disabled 學生,樂齡及身障人士) RM58
早鳥專案 Early Bird Ticket : RM 58 / RM 48  ( BEFORE  24/6/2018)
團體購票 Group of 10 tickets free 1  買十送一
票務熱線 Ticketing Hotline : 011-6331 8380 (Pentas Project), 011-1682 9929 (Play Haus)
平台計劃網站 Website: http://pentasproject.org
臉書 Facebook : PentasProjectTheatreProduction
電郵 Email : [email protected]


本地著名劇作家廖培珍經典英語劇作《A Modern Woman Called Ang Tau Mui》,自2001年起經羅國文導演四度以華粵雙語改編創作,曾經跨海於《2011澳門城市藝穗節》演出,如今再度回歸,重現時代經典。首次采用雙旦上陣,由譚小虹及鄧綉金輪番登場。创新携手,结合Fairuz Sulaiman的影像藝術和楊淑棻的服裝設計,解構虛實夢幻,嫁接影音空間,呈現一部闡述時代女性奇幻一生的單人劇。

Ang Tau Mui, a toilet cleaner, has been idolizing Lin Dai since young. As a working-class woman, she has always yearned to shine on stage just as Lin Dai. Ang Tau Mui has been striving in the tangible reality; from one place to the other, running and searching, speaking and confiding with people and herself. While traversing between reality and dream, she returns to her childhood house, rests in a kopitiam, catches a movie in a cinema, rides on the mini bus, and finally, she stops at an old temple. Trailing after Lin Dai’s songs, her captivating yet poignant story has come to an end….

A Modern Woman Called Ang Tau Mui is an English classic play written by Leow Puay Tin. Director Loh Kok Man has adapted the play in both Mandarin and Cantonese since 2001. In year 2011, he was invited to stage the play in Macau City Fringe Festival. This year, a brand new collaboration has given rise to the role of Ang Tau Mui being shared between two artists; Tammi Tam and Thian Siew Kim. This monologue play will be a new version of the timely theatrical classic, a work to reveal a deconstruction of virtual reality and fantasy. With the integration of video art by Fairuz Sulaiman and costume design by Michell Yong, the play is set to narrate and elaborate the intriguing life of this modern woman.


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