A tale of man-eating monsters and monster-eating men.


Pentas Project (Malaysia) in collaboration with The Flying Group Theatre (Taiwan)

( In Mandarin With English Surtitles )


playwright :
野田秀樹 Noda Hideki (Japan)
director & lighting design:
羅國文 Loh Kok Man
puppet director & design:
石佩玉 Shih Pei Yu (Taiwan)
main cast :
余秋坪 Tammy Yee,蔡德耀 Yeo Lyle,彭浩秦 Peng Hao Chin (Taiwan)
musician & performer:
周順興 Boyz Chew Soon Heng,廖世儀 Zyee Leow Sze Yee,廖慧鳴 Leow Hui Min

producer & set design :
林偉彬 Pam Lim
music composer & sound engineer :
張俊開 Terence Chong
costume design:
淑棻 Michell Yong Soo Fon

Thu 18 – Sat 20 June 2015 @ 8.30pm
Sat 20 & Sun 21 June 2015 @ 3:00pm
at The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre, Pentas 2 (MAP)

RM 68 (adult) / RM 50 (students, senior citizen and disable )

Early bird tickets (before Sun 24 May):
RM58 (adult) / RM40 (students, senior citizen and disable ) /
RM220 for group purchase of 4 tickets.

Inquiries: +6-012 6012 682
Box Office : (klpac) 03-4047 9000
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pentasproject
Website:pentasproject.org,  www.klpac.org
Email: [email protected]








What is that on the shore? Is it asking for food? Is it going to eat us? A stranger arrives on an island. The villagers could not understand his language and wild gestures. He must be a demon! He is befriended by that woman, an outsider living among the villagers. The demon and that woman learned each other’s language. The villagers become afraid and suspicious. Is the demon conspiring with that woman? Are they bringing other demons to invade our island? We must kill the demon!

An internationally-acclaimed play by Japanese playwright Noda Hideki, Red Demon was voted Best Play in Japan two years consecutively in 1998 & 1999, and has been performed in UK, Thailand & Korea. Award-winning director Malaysian Loh Kok Man now brings the play to Kuala Lumpur in this special collaboration between Pentas Project and Taiwanese theatre company The Flying Group Theatre, featuring an exciting interaction between performers, live musicians and puppetry.

For Malaysians, this powerful play will resonate with our anxieties about migrants, foreign forces, and other races in our own home. Red Demon is about the monsters we become to each other.



原著/劇作家:野田秀樹 NODA HIDEKI(日本 Japan)

野田秀樹於1955年出生於日本長崎,1976年在就讀東京大學期間成立劇團「夢的遊眠社」,1983年劇作《野獸降臨》獲得了岸田國士賞,之後成為當時日本賣座最好、最有人氣的劇團。1992年,野田突然宣佈劇團解散到英國倫敦去,並與身體劇場的賽門.馬克巴尼相遇,並深受影響。回國之後,野田成立了「野田地圖(NodaMap)」重新出發。1996年 上演的《赤鬼》是「野田地圖」的代表作之一。

Noda is a playwright, director, and actor, and is presently the artistic director of Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre. Returning from London in 1993, he established a company called Noda Map which has produced major hits such as Kill, Pandora no kane (Pandora’s Bell), Oil, Akaoni (Red Demon), The Bee, The Diver, Piper, The Character, and South. Noda is also actively involved in international productions, working with Thai and British actors. He has won most of the major drama awards in Japan, as well as the Asahi Prize Kishida and Kunio Drama Award. In October 2009, he was appointed an Honorary Officer of the British Empire (OBE), and in June 2011, he was awarded the Medal with Purple Ribbon in Japan for his contributions to education and culture.

平台計劃 ABOUT PENTAS PROJECT (馬來西亞 Malaysia)

平台計劃成立於2005年。「平台」,即平面的舞台,是一個沒有瓦牆與界限的交流場域。平台計劃是一個開放的劇場合作計劃 ,藉由多元藝術形式的凝視、擦撞、實驗和媾和,醞造多元不設限的藝術交流。平台計劃冀望從多元文化器皿中汲取養分,以多元交流凝視自身、瞭望國際。成立以來作品曾多次榮獲馬來西亞金馬崙表演藝術獎多項獎項,並受邀到台灣、新加坡、泰國、上海、日本等地合作與交流。

PENTAS PROJECT envisions a stage without walls, a theatre without borders. Through creative collaborations in the spirit of equal partnership, we seek to strengthen the understanding between cultures and nations. As a multi-racial nation, Malaysia is rich with many different languages, religions and ethnicities. Our differences have influenced each other to produce diverse and unique art forms and directions. Inspired by our multi-cultural society, Pentas Project invites audiences to look into ourselves while gazing at the world.


成立於2004年5月。「飛人」取其諧音「非人=偶」,同時意指在劇場行走各處、自由飛行的藝術創作者集合之所。劇團以「偶」為主要創作形式,作品多次獲台灣台新藝術獎提名,並受邀台灣、北京、荷蘭、法國、新加坡各藝術節演出。2010年起策劃另類國際偶戲節”Close to YOU International Puppet Festival”【超親密小戲節】。製作規模定位為「以多元複合的精神製作/創作小規模、並挑戰傳統觀賞距離的表演藝術作品」。

The Flying Group Theatre was established in May of 2004 by Jade Shih. In the earlier years following the group’s inception, puppetry was the main focus of creative expression. The group’s work was nominated for the Taishin Art Award numerous times, and was invited to take part in art festivals in Taiwan, Beijing, the Netherlands, France and Singapore. The Flying Group Theatre strives to produce performance pieces which follow the spirit of multimedia integration, are intimate in scale, and challenge the traditionally accepted distance between performer and spectator.

_T8A0053  _T8A0038

1993年畢業於馬來西亞藝術學院戲劇系,並於2005年創辦了「平台計劃」,一直致力於搭建橋樑以多元藝術交流為本的團隊。曾多次榮獲馬來西亞金馬崙藝術大獎的「最佳導演」、「最佳燈光設計」、「最佳舞台設計」獎的羅國文,創作向來善於綜合多種劇場的元素,尤其是影像、燈光、聲響、演員肢體和劇場的戲劇架構間交錯互動所呈現的效果,豐富了對劇場視覺空間及時間的探索。導演的作品包括了《aku》、《城失空想》、《“思想+自分”報告》、《一個名叫紅豆妹的摩登師奶》、《雙重刺點》及《動物農莊》等。2005年他獲得美國「亞洲文化協會」獎學金遠赴美國紐約遊學半年;2013年獲得歌德學院獎學金赴柏林學習一個月。除此之外,更經常受邀參與國際劇場合作交流計劃,曾赴日本、韓國、印度、中國、德國、菲律賓、泰國、新加坡、印尼及柬埔寨等地參與演出和交流,其中包括了為期數年的亞洲當代劇場交流計劃以及小池博史為導演的PAN ASIA PROJECT。

Artistic Director of Pentas Project Loh Kok Man is an established theatre director, actor, lighting designer and theatre lecturer. He is a multiple recipient of Best Director, Best Set Design and Best Lighting Design at The BOH Cameronian Arts Awards in Malaysia. Kok Man founded Pentas Project in 2005 to produce critical, collaborative and contemporary theatre. He is known for his unique way of integrating theatrical elements such as visual imagery, lighting, sound, physical movement, dramatic structures, while exploring the concept of space and time through theatre visuals. Kok Man’s past directorial efforts include aku, The Lost and The Ecliptic, Repot [Mind+Mine], A Modern Woman Called Ang Tau Mui, and Animal Farm. In 2005, Kok Man was invited to New York under a fellowship by the Asian Cultural Council. Frequently invited to participate in international theatre collaboration project, he has worked in Japan, Korea, India, Thailand, Shanghai, Macau, Germany and Singapore.

除擔任飛人集社劇團偶戲編導,與沙丁龐客劇團、河床劇團、莎妹劇團、鞋子兒童劇團、NSO合作,擔任戲偶設計製作。同時於各藝術大學與劇團開設短期「偶戲工作坊」。2011年與法國【東西社】劇團合作馬賽-台北【一睡一醒之間】三部曲擔任導演, 2010年起策畫【超親密小戲節】至今第五屆,擔任策展人。

Shih Pei Yu is a director and playwright of puppetry, as well as a senior producer and arts administrator with rich experience in performing arts companies’ managements, international collaborations, and arts festival planning and execution. In 2004, she founded Flying Group Theatre, an arts company dedicated to puppetry, and has been a curator of Close to YOU International Puppet Festival Taipei since 2010. As a puppet designer, she has worked with Theatre De La Sardine, Riverbed theatre, Shakespeare’s Wild Sisters Group, Shining Shoes children theatre, National Symphony Orchestra. She directed A Sleep and a Forgetting, a three-year production in Marseilles and Taipei.


Tammy graduated from New Era College Diploma in Drama & Visuals where she was awarded The Holistic Education Award. At the 8th ADA drama award, her graduation project was awarded “The Best Drama”. With 11 years of teaching and working experience in theatre, Tammy is now a primary and secondary school drama teacher. As an actor, Tammy Yee was nominated for The Best Main Actress at ADA drama award. Her performances include Long House, Modern Faust, and Casa.

馬來西亞劇場自由工作者。從事演員、導演、戲劇教育、設計與後台工作。2006年獲得馬來西亞戲炬獎最佳新人獎。07年畢業於新纪元學院戲劇與影像系專業文憑,主修戲劇。2011年畢業于國立台灣藝術大學戲劇系。演出作品有《荷珠新配》2005-06、《聊齋新志之妖狐道》和《現代浮士德》2007。08年隨「平台計劃」參與“擊破:平台劇場交流計劃“前往東京及新加坡演出。台灣演出《貴婦還鄉》和《履行.旅行》2011。同年年隨台灣劇團「禾劇場」參與在台灣與澳門藝穗節的演出《死亡纪事》。2012年參與「好事發生工作室」與新加坡劇團两地交流演出《0和1的咏嘆調/一個異鄉人》在George Town Festival、吉隆坡與新加坡演出。2012年《死亡纪事》再度赴上海與馬來西亞巡演;2013年口碑加演,台灣巡回演出。

After receiving a Professional Diploma majoring in theatre from New Era College, Yeo Lyle graduated from the Drama Department of the National Taiwan University of Arts. Yeo Lyle is currently engaged as a theatre actor, director and educator in performing arts. His performances include He Zhu New Match, Modern Faust, Repot [Mind + Mine], The Visit, and Chronology of Death.


Graduating from Taipei National University of Arts, Hao majored in acting. He has collaborated with groups from Hong Kong and Taiwan, such as Edward Lam Dance Theatre, Yeast & Salt Movement Theatre, Shakespeare’s Wild Sisters Group, Ifkids Theatre Company and Shiny Shoes Children’s Theatre. Since 2012, he has been working within “theatre of movement”, “theatre of object” and “theatre for early childhood“. His recent works involve: The Island (Close to You International Puppet Festival 2014), Dot Dot Baby (revival) (2014 Kids’ Arts Festival at Weu-Wu-Ying Center for the Arts), Art school Musical, What is Sex (inspired by the unfinished Dream of the Red Chamber).


Founder and artistic director of Orang Orang Drum Theatre, Boyz is a drummer who enjoys experimenting with different types of performing arts including Butoh dance, physical theatre and acting. He actively promotes 24 Festive Drums through coaching and participating in various community art projects. With 10 years of performing experience, he has participated in various festivals in countries such as Belgium, France, Taiwan, United Kingdom, Hawaii, etc. In April 2013, he formed Orang Orang Drum Theatre with Zyee Leow.


Founder and assistant artistic director of Orang Orang Drum Theatre, Zyee has been playing Chinese drum for more than 15 years. She has also experimented in different types of performing art including music, dance and acting, and has participated in various festivals in countries such as Netherland, Belgium, France, Taiwan, Hawaii, etc. Zyee has a lot of experience in coaching 24 Festive Drums and organizing education programs such as camps for coaches, drumming camps and community art projects. In April 2013, she formed Orang Orang Drum Theatre with Boyz Chew.

人人人鼓劇場核心團員,全職表演者。2013年畢業於法國波爾多三大,劇場表演藝術系。留學期間,因ERASMUS歐洲交換學生計劃被派遣到意大利進行一年的課程。2011年,於五個不同領域的法國及西班牙藝術家創立「Collectif In-Time」,同年創作作品《無編舞者的舞者》。留學期間,與法國藝術家Guillaume Prikhodko創作多個作品,包括戲劇、偶劇、舞蹈等。在歐洲留學期間,有幸與不同藝術家合作與學習,其中深受意大利藝術家Claudia Castellucci 與法國舞蹈家 Claude Magne的影響。2013年加入人人人鼓劇場,藝術生涯由鼓手開始,漸漸轉向劇場藝術。

A leading member of Orang Orang Drum Theatre, Hui Min recently graduated from University Bordeaux 3, France in July 2013 with a degree in Performing Art specializing in Theatre (Licence etudes théâtral). In 2012, he was sent to University of IUAV at Venice under the ERASMUS programme. In 2011, he formed a company called “Collectif In-Time” with five other dancers from France and Spain. Their first project – “Danseurs sans choréographe” was presented at the University Dance Festival in the same year. During his studies in Europe, Hui Min collaborated with French artist Guillaume Prikhodko in theatre, puppets, and dance projects. While Hui Min’s artistic journey began with drumming, he has also studied theatre and dance.


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