SAND/work demonstration

SAND/work demonstration

Yayasan Sime Darby Arts Festival

13th September 2014 @ 7:00pm

14th September 2014 @ 3:30pm

at Indecine, KLPAC


cast: Ming Low, JS Wong, Pam Lim | music: Ng Chor Guan | photography: William Mok and Pam Lim | director: Loh Kok Man


The dance was inspired by the forms of sand in the photography work. The dancers imitate the flowing of sand, sometimes moving slowly as being carried away by the wind, sometimes moving aggressively in rapid pace as if under the thunderstorm. When the two meet, a duet is created; they would have the same movement and direction, when meeting with the wind, they moved apart, when there is water, the sand hence stays still.

以攝影作品為素材,以沙的流態為創作發想,即是一種自然的擬態和摹寫。 舞者摹仿、想像沙的流態去向,有時候是緩慢前進,像微風輕拂;有時候像暴烈的驟變,動作節奏變化急速,這是雷雨下大風中沙的亂竄。當沙遇到沙,沙流碰觸沙流,兩道沙流的路徑有時候是雙人舞,動作一致,去向一致;遇風則由變化分流,遇水則凝固黏滯。這些或激烈如風、或溫靜若水的沙流態。



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