Durian Beckett

A production of Pentas Project Theatre Production 平台計劃/劇團



25 April 2013 @ 9:15pm

26 April 2013 @ 1:45pm

27 April 2013 @ 5:30pm

28 April 2013 @ 8:00pm

at Pavilion

In English, Malay & Mandarin with English and Chinese sur-title

Open to public for free 入場免費

playwright: SAMUEL BECKETT | director: LOH KOK MAN 羅國文 | cast: GHAFIR AKBAR, GOO ZHUAN XUAN 吳專選, HOE HUI TING 何慧婷, JERRICA LAI, THIAN SIEW KIM 鄧銹金, WONG JYH SHYONG 黃志雄, YIP BOH KUAN 葉寶君 | video artist: AU SOW YEE 區秀詒 | music composer: NG CHOR GUAN 黃楚原 | set, props & stage manager: TAN SOOK FONG 陳淑鳳 | chinese copywriting: TAN YAN TEE 陳燕棣 | english translation: AU SOW YEE 區秀詒









The name Beckett is always troubling. Beckett looks simple but is actually very complicated. His works appear absurd but are logical. Beckett’s writing seems dark but is humorous and illuminating.

To put Beckett on stage looks simple but is actually very difficult. This Irish writer used simple but precise words. He wrote detailed stage instructions and this troubles the performers. Where does Beckett lead us? What does he say?

Maybe Beckett’s wrinkled face is a map, open to any interpretation. There is no standard answer, but those wrinkles can take you into a labyrinth. He was the most serious, most humorous, most disappointed and most radical of writers. That is life.

This country, perhaps has the right atmosphere for performing Beckett.

This is a triste tropiques. It is a durian land with a strong smell. Absurdity is ‘produced’ in large quantities every day, making it difficult for people  to breathe. Political, social and economic problems shroud the peninsula and its outlying territories with their absurd and troubling smells.

As a theatre company in a tropical country, Loh Kok Man, Artistic Director of Pentas Project responds to the absurd living conditions in this land with Becketts’ writing.

We live in a durian land. A land that is fragrant, smelly, sweet and bitter. It is full of thorns and hard to peel. But we might be able to get to the centre point, finding hope in despair through Beckett and Durian Beckett.



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