平台計劃呈現 Pentas Project Present’s


the 2nd pentas emerging theatre artist program

平台劇場新導演計劃 2

“ 2011 recipient of asia dance magazine’s fund worth rm5000”

The development of arts and culture is no more than signify of human virtue and uprightness. Pentas Project initiated a series of Pentas Emerging Theatre Artist Program in order to provide an open platform for those artists or graduates who return from abroad and who await for chances to perform. These new prepared young directors and artists are able to provoke the audience by expressing their feelings and thoughts through their creations. On 2010, director Lee Yee Han with his creation Blind Love was selected into the project and held four performances in Pentas Project.

On 2012, with Pentas Emerging Theatre Artist Program, Pentas Project sincerely introduces you a young director, Kathyn Tan with her latest creation, Hunchback, and will be premiered on 16 –17 March 2012, 8.30pm at Pentas Project in Cheras, to celebrate International Woman Day.

Hunchback, a work based on the director’s beloved grandmother past live as theme, interfacing the presentation of dance and theatre. Her grandmother experienced the World War II, arranged marriage, the raising of ten children and did the entire menial work. She paid her youth and most of her life in order to gain happiness and honor for the people around her. Her back gradually hunched as she grow older, as if her body wished to become an embryo again.

The creation reflects on the point of view towards life in the contrast era, which hopes to agitate you for recollection and re-exploration of your own past era.

一座城市的人文涵養,以及一個素質國家的養成,有賴於藝術與文化的建設。 「平台計劃」秉持着为艺术工作者提供一个开放平台的创团理念,於是策划了【平台剧场新导演计划】,希望能够借着这个机会鼓励更多从国外回流的戏剧系毕业生,或苦候多年却等不到一个舞台,蓄势待发的年轻导演全力发功,为观众带来新的剧场作品,为剧场注入一些新血。 2010年,李弈翰導演的《Blind Love》入選[平台劇場新導演計劃],並在平台空間舉行了總共4場的演出。

2012年,平台計劃再度啓動誠意推出新一代的年輕編導陳柯杏的最新力作 <<背彎>>,並將於意義非凡的三八婦女節開演!日期定於2012年3月16,17,18日,晚上八时三十分( 8.30 p.m.),演出地點位于焦赖的平台空间。



RM20 by donation
16,17,18 MARCH 2012 @ 8:30p.m.

at Pentas Studio

88-2, Amber business Plaza 2, Jalan jelawat 1, 56000 cheras, kuala lumpur
( Public transportation to our studio: Light Rail Transit (LRT) – Cheras LRT Station / Bus rapid KL – U44 )

Contact 016-3987247
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