Pentas Emerging Theatre Artists Program 2011


Deadline :
21 March 2011

Pentas Project initiated Pentas Emerging Theatre Artists Program in April 2010. Looking at the development of Chinese theatre in Malaysia, there is rarely emergence of new director besides drama competitions in secondary school. Although in these 2 years, graduates from theatre department had gradually returned to Malaysia, but they do not have the opportunity to show what they’d learn. The development of a city and country relies also on the building of arts and culture. Member of Pentas Project are mostly above 30s, but Pentas Project would be delighted to see new talents and the wild imaginations and creativity of younger generation. Hence, Pentas Project initiated the Pentas Emerging Artists Program and encouraged younger generations to submit their performance proposal to Pentas Project. Pentas Project hopes to hold on our belief, that is to provide an open platform for artists. For successful applicants, Pentas Project not only will provide the director a grant to work on the performance, but will also provide technical consultation and support as well as handling all the administrative and publicity works of the project. The 2010 Pentas Emerging Theatre Artists Program selected Lee Yee Han’s Blind Love, and had successfully run 4 shows in Pentas Studio. This year, Pentas Project kicked off the Pentas Emerging Theatre Artists Program for the second time, hopefully to attract more young talents to show their creativity.

Project Aim:

  1. To nurture more theatre new director.
  2. To help maintain the long term development of local theatre.
  3. To provide a platform of interactions for local theatre and other art forms.
  4. To nurture the development of a humanity society.
  5. To create a good environment for the development of arts.

Open Calls:

  • Open for people above 21 year old who have a passion in theatre arts.
  • Participants must at least directed 2 theatre performances.
  • Each participant can only propose maximum 2 performance proposal.
  • Each performance will have to be within 45 to 90 minutes.
  • The proposal must be written in Chinese and include the following: title, form, artist statement, synopsis, budget, the reason why you would like to participate in the Pentas New Director Project, Profile of director and main creative team, clips from past performances and script (if have).
  • There are no restrictions on content and form of the performance. Participants shall unleash their creativity. The proposed performance shall not be performed in public before.
  • Deadline for proposal is 21st March 2011, please e-mail proposal to [email protected]
  • Pentas Project will announce the finalist for interview two week after the above deadline.
  • Selected proposals will be announce in mid April through internet. Pentas Project will contact the selected participants via e-mail and telephone.
  • The selected proposal must be stage within May 2011 to March 2012.
  • The selected proposal must be stage in Pentas Studio.
  • Each selected proposal will be grant RM1000 to RM5000.

Pentas Project will provide the following assistance:

  • Provide all technical support.
  • Provide the publicity for the performance.
  • Provide a space for performance.
  • Help coordinate rehearsal space, if necessary.
  • Will make arrangement for local theatre director and designers to observe the rehearsals and provide suggestions.
  • Pentas Project will help searching for actors and designers if necessary.

The team from the selected proposal must:

  • Make appropriate arrangement for the relative budget of the performance.
  • Make sure the performance has good quality.
  • To corporate with any publicity needed.
  • If participants couldn’t realize the performance within the stated period, the participant must return the entire grant provided by Pentas Project.




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