Next Door: Theatre Collaboration Project, Thailand

Next Door

A Malaysian and Thai Theatre Artists Collaboration Project Thailand

Presented by Makhampom Theatre Group, Thailand

13~19 September 2010 @ WORKSHOP I at Bangkok
9~20 December 2010 @ WORKSHOP II at ChiangDao & ChiangMai

Malaysia and Thailand are neighbors but the middle-class citizens in the cities of both countries know so little of each other especially the contemporary theatre arts scene. Makhampom Theatre Group has been doing theatre for people’s culture development since1980 with strong belief that theatre develops the understanding of culture among the people. In 2010, with the support of the Asian Cultural Council, Makhampom invited Loh Kok Man of Pentas Project Theatre Production,  together with 2 Malaysian actors to produce a theatre production with Pradit and 2 Thai actors from Makhampom, called  “Next Door”. With this Malaysia and Thai theatre collaboration, the 2 groups hope to learn more about each other’s contemporary theatre arts scene and to strengthen ties between themselves and with the arts scene in South-east Asia.

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