Artom Bomb project 藝術核爆。

Artom Bomb project –

Pentas Cross-disciplinary Lecture Series

Pentas Project, established three years ago, has since facilitated many collaborative creations among its residence members, successfully interweaving multidisciplinary artforms with elements of magic and surprise.

In 2009, Pentas Project started “Artom Bomb project – Pentas Cross-disciplinary Lecture Series”, and invites multidisciplinary workers in the domain of the arts to participate, interact, and share their own professional experiences and expertise. These series of talks or workshops will be held monthly.
This program is designed to promote interdisciplinary exchange, to acknowledge the importance nurturing of multi-disciplinary sharing, to achieve a platform for open and inspiring interaction, and to actively communicate in a situation of great diversity of learning methods, with new perspectives in order to pursue its own achievements. This program also lays the a foundation for future collaborations among its participants. The artists from these diverse professions are not solitary beings. They are always inspired and connected to each another.



001 這是一個文化產業的時代 (梁菲倚)
「一個字說一個故事」劇本創作坊 + 身體會知道「肢體工作坊」(高俊耀)
002 「古」蹟保存是最「新」時尚玩意
003 林明老鎮社區藝術計劃 (張敏華)
004 針孔攝影實驗工作坊 (西川智也)
005 聽見空氣的色彩: 胡智義 X 何開耀
006 王嘉明 X 後現代創意絞肉機: 劇場導演王嘉明的創作解密
007 遷移中的聲色光影: 區琇詒的實驗電影與表演性電影


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