The sustainability of a theatre company needs support from members of the society. The development of Pentas Project after all these years relies on the cooperation of members of Pentas Project. However, we always hope that we can do more. We envisions to develop contemporary theatre arts performances in Malaysia and to encourage more collaborations between diverse art forms. Yet, there are only limited efforts made due to insufficient funding.


Performance | 作品。

Double Punctum 雙重刺點

Double Punctum 雙重刺點 Punctum arises from each PHOTO. Punctum exists in each ...


DURIAN BECKETT 貝克榴蓮 The name Beckett is always troubling. Beckett looks simple ...

Feedback | 觀後感。

One is gripped with endless fascination.. Kok Man and his team have sketched ourugly, fractured, lovely Kuala Lumpur.” –

– Zedeck Siew, Kakiseni on THE LOST AND THE ECLIPTIC - http://www.visionkl.com/event/lost-and-ecliptic

These three pieces, as a whole, have challenged us not only in our thinking about language, but also in our thinking beyond language…

– Kakiseni on BREAKING - http://pentasproject.org/portfolio-items/break-ing/

Beatiful and elliptical… exuberant… …Dramatists across the Causeway explore issues of language, politics and identity with mostly beautiful and hilarious results…

– Adeline Chia, Singapore on BREAKING - http://pentasproject.org/portfolio-items/break-ing/

…each director …succeeds in delivering something resonant, relevant and powerful.,,, a remarkable evening, displaying the vibrant diversity of the KL theatre scene…

– The Flying Inkspot, Singapore on BREAKING - http://pentasproject.org/portfolio-items/break-ing/